JLanka Technologies: Redefining Energy for the Future

JLanka Technologies, will be showcasing an array of revolutionary products and POCs at the Techno exhibition scheduled to be held from the 09th to the 11th of October at the BMICH.

J Lanka Technologies is once again setting a trend in the technology market showcasing how to “Redefine Energy” at Techno Sri Lanka 2015.

The management and team of JLanka Technologies invites everyone to come visit the display stall at Techno 2015 exhibition to experience the latest advancements in energy and connected home technologies.

In a future that is heading towards integration, energy efficiency, environmental awareness and protection, and technological advancements to make life better for all, J Lanka Technologies is diversifying in an attempt to have a one-stop-shop for solutions that provide all of the above.

J Lanka Technologies, the #1 solar provider in Sri Lanka will “Redefine Energy” and guide Sri Lanka towards a cleaner and greener future by playing a key role at this year’s Techno Sri Lanka 2015 exhibition.


The Practice of Innovation
Innovation has been a vital component of the founding vision for JLanka Technologies, the premier solar energy company which debuted operations back in 2010. Since its founding, the company has not only dominated the renewable energy market but has also expanded to related markets characterized by cutting edge innovation.

With the recent rise in popularity of IoT and connected home concepts, JLanka Technologies has applied its signature brand of early adoption to roll out developments in both spaces. Building on its beginnings, the company has continued to revolutionize the solar energy market with the introduction of SolarEdge solutions, the world-renowned smart solar system architecture.

While the local market is yet to see beyond the traditional string inverter model, JLanka Technologies has envisioned the need for advancements in quality, safety and affordability of solar system installations. The traditional system is exposed to many hazard risks.

In this context, the company has succeeded in securing an exclusive distribution partnership with SolarEdge, a proprietary energy optimizer model which enhances the performance, durability and safety features of PV panels used in solar system arrays. Further to its remarkable capacity to enhance ROI for consumers, SolarEdge also provides a Web app based smart monitoring system for users and the vendor to monitor the status of installed panels.

Beyond Solar
Moving beyond solar installations, JLanka Technologies recently introduced e-PRO, an energy management system for households and businesses to manage and monitor energy consumption. For JLanka Technologies, the green message is clear and sustainability is not just good business but a mandate for the technologies of the future. In this light, it isn’t a surprise to align all products and services in line with sustainable development goals that are rapidly becoming essential to industries across the world.

The e-PROguarantees substantial savings in terms of energy consumption by managing energy utilization. This connects well with the net metering systems offered by JLanka Technologies, which allow households to contribute the surplus of energy reaped via solar systems to the national grid in return for savings on utility bills.

Nanotechnology is revolutionizing many industries and JLanka Technologies too has found applications of the technology in its product line-up. Exploring self-cleaning materials has already been implemented and the company hopes to create reductions in water consumption of households and businesses through these implementations.

The value and scarcity of water is highlighted by global initiatives searching for resources outside of the planet and researching alternative energy sources. JLanka Technologies is confident that technology and innovation will lead the planet towards a less ominous future and hopes to do its part in contributing.

JLanka Recognition
JLanka is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that follows high standards in the quality management system of the business.

JLanka is the only solar electricity company to be Gold certified by CIOB. This award is given considering the product specification, green features, recycling process and environmental concerns. This Gold certification has revealed the strength between world’s number one Solar PV Module Provider, Trina Solar and Sri Lanka’s number one Solar Electricity Solution Provider, JLanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. Also this prestigious ‘Green certification’ has endorsed JLanka’s vision towards “Greener Sri Lanka” and acknowledged the company’s valiant effort to create a sustainable nation for the future generation.

JLanka Technologies is the market leading solar provider to Sri Lanka with a number of successful solar installations over 4.5MW electricity island wide. The company has continued to demonstrate its vision of bettering the lives of Sri Lankans and bringing about consumer consciousness through highly evolved technology over the years of its operation.

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