JLanka to make Solar Grid Friendly in Sri Lanka with SolarEdge Technology

The world’s power generation systems continue to transition to cleaner, more renewable and sustainable sources. That effort will be greatly aided by integrated and comprehensive grid interconnection solutions. According to the officials of Sri Lanka’s pioneer in Solar powered homes JLanka Technologies Utility-scale, grid-connected solar Photovoltaic (PV), as well as wind, has become increasingly attractive as a generation resource, both in terms of economics and operational flexibility. The technology needed to interconnect these renewable power sources is now well proven in the field.

JLanka Technologies along with Israel based leading Solar PV systems player in United States – SolarEdge Technologies is exploring possibilities to bring in more Grid Friendly Solar Power solutions to domestic electricity consumers. In today’s world although Solar Power is a growing trend that every home or commercial institution adopt to cut their power bills, it is however has become a difficult task since the electricity consumption is at peak at night where as Solar powered homes may not be able to consume their Power produced by Sunlight for a long time when the Moon starts to shine in the daily sky.

In a visit to strengthen more ties with JLanka Technologies – the local distribution partner of SolarEdge Technologies, Technical and Marketing Director of SolarEdge Yoni Ziv said that while the Solar power Consumers are continuously growing at a fast phase, the main focus of his company is to invent and discover new Smarter Solar Power Solutions.

He pointed out that Solar Solutions need to move forward beyond just power harvesting to much Smarter Solar Power Solutions that will include Grid Friendly Solutions such as Grid Export and Grid Monitoring mechanisms. Explaining further he said that whilst general Solar Power solutions will enable consumers to harvest and consume energy till evening making them dependent on National grid as the Sun sets, a much smarter Solar Power solution will enable consumers to harvest energy at noon and then to consume it during the latter part of the day. In this regard he said SolarEdge is working in collaboration with US based automotive company Tesla Motors to explore the possibility of using Tesla’s home battery technology that charges using electricity generated from solar panels and powers your home when the sun goes down. Combining solar panels with large, efficient batteries could allow some homeowners to avoid buying electricity from utilities. Leading investment banking firm Morgan Stanley has already predicted last year that Tesla’s energy-storage product could be “disruptive” in the U.S. and in Europe as customers seek to avoid utility fees by going ‘off-grid’.

Meanwhile JLanka Officials said that their collaboration with SolarEdge will add more opportunity for Sri Lanka to make much Grid Smarter and Grid Friendly Solar Power Solutions which will enable government’s efforts to minimize state electricity production at Peak Hours whilst JLanka Technology powered Solar Homes may be able to generate more excess power that could be exported to National grid to be used at Peak hours in order to meet the national electricity consumption demand if successful technology is being invented. JLanka officials further added that it will in turn minimize the risks of a national energy crisis since the excess power generated from Solar Homes that is exported to national

grid to be used at peak hours, will be able to save energy cost of the state that currently spends billions of rupees to light the country at peak hours.

Added with a 25-year warranty on Power Optimizers and 12-year warranty on inverters; SolarEdge Systems pushes the envelope in the continuing endeavor to improve grid-tie solar power generation. In a SolarEdge System, a DC to DC Power optimizer is paired with each solar panel in an array, allowing each one to operate independently at its highest efficiency. Solar Edge offers benefits such as 25% increase in energy production, Energy loss caused by module mismatch and partial shading is eliminated and multiple arrays and module orientations are easily supported. It also provide individual module monitoring, performance reporting and alerts. According to him SolarEdge’s proprietary SafeDC mechanism provides greater safety by shutting down module voltage during installation, maintenance, and firefighting.

JLanka Technologies specializes in Design and installation of the latest solar photovoltaic electricity systems that are both easy to maintain and help in reducing your energy bills. These systems follow the Net Metering scheme—a novel concept in renewable energy—introduced by the government, approved by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Sri Lanka (SEASL) and accepted by the Ceylon Electricity Board (C.E.B.) and Lanka Electricity Company (LECO). Janka Technologies offers the next generation power conversion electronics that effectively remove all known PV system constraints and maximizes photovoltaic (PV) power generation of residential, commercial and large-scale PV installations by up to 25%, and enables faster return on investment.

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