Premier Housing Developer Nivasie celebrates 15 years of housing the nation

How has Nivasie Developers progressed over the last 15 years?
We have come a long way since our first project “Nivasipura” in Ja-ela was inaugurated 15 years ago. This project had 1,200 houses and within three years we completed construction and sale of all the units. After that we have spread our projects to areas like Piliyandala where we had 60 houses, 30 in Pitakotte and 300 houses in Digana, Kandy. Orchid Homes is our fifth project under Nivasie Developers.

We have also done two more apartment complexes under our sister company ICC Housing Developers called Iceland Apartments.

Presently we have nearly 3,000 customers of which 60% are repeat clients. This is one of our greatest strengths, to know that our customers trust us with not just their first home but even a second and third. We are not a company that’s in to large scale promotional activities and advertising campaigns. Instead, we rely on our customer’s word of mouth which has worked really well for us.

Although we are in a billion rupee business, all our customers are handled by a small dedicated team of about 25 staff members. We consider our staff to be our brand ambassadors and more than half of them are completing 10 years of service with us as well.

What makes Nivasie different to other housing developers?
If you take the apartment developers functioning in the island, about 90% of them purchase the land, draw up a plan and start selling the apartments before they are actually constructed. However, Nivasie is different. We work on a different structure where we first construct the houses and then start selling. We make sure that a show apartment is ready before we start selling so that customers have an actual view of what they’re paying for. We ensure customers get a firsthand experience even before they move in. With us nothing is left to the imagination. We prefer for our customers to look and feel what their home is going to be like.

Our policy is that we do not wait for your money. We build your home and then wait for you to come purchase it. With houses we even welcome customers to give in their ideas during the construction stages. However, this is limited with apartment complexes. But we will still entertain requests from customers who want to purchase more than one apartment and join them together. We will sit with them and plan out the best way to join two or more apartments.

The unique feature in our apartments is also that we provide a multitude of infrastructure developments surrounding our properties, especially road networks, water and electricity handling, security and other modern facilities which are essential. So when we sell a house, we are not just selling someone four walls, a floor and a roof but a complete package of facilities. We also provide complete maintenance facilities at all our properties for added customer convenience. Residents have to only pay the service fee and our contracted service providers take care of all the maintenance needs.

Each of our projects also has what we call a “sinking fund” which works like a capital investment for the project. If there are any major repairs, then the expenses are borne through this fund.

In every project we also take in to consideration what a potential customer may want. We ensure the human touch and environment is protected which supplying all modern conveniences. Our projects around the island have more than the UDA regulated 10% open spaces because we believe in living in natural environments. We could have easily built more houses and made more profit, but our ultimate goal is satisfied customers.

All our projects are designed and constructed to international standards and specifications. We are also an extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable construction company.

When did Phase I of Orchid Malabe commence?
Phase I of Orchid Malabe commenced two years back in 2013. Phase I had 78 houses which have already been sold out. Work on Phase II started about one year back which has 68 units. About 55 of these houses have also been sold as at now and we have a few more remaining.

What about the progress of the Orchid Apartment complex?

Just like Phase I and II of the Orchid Houses, the Orchid Apartment Complex has also generated much interest among the public. We are happy to announce that more than 50% of the apartments have also already been sold. We commenced operations of the apartments only on the 25th of June and within one short month have been able to generate so much interest which is phenomenal. This clearly shows the interest that homeowners have in this particular locality as well as the trust they have placed in our company to deliver a safe, well-built and long-lasting home for their families.

The two show apartments are on display for anyone interested and we would like to invite people to come and take a look for themselves what the Orchid Apartments and Nivasie have to offer.

The apartment complex has 12 floors of which 11 have already been completed and the final floor will be completed by the end of this month.

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